Personnel Exchange Programme

Personnel Exchange Programme

The personnel exchange programme allows any relevant staff or PhD students of a MaRINET2 organisation to visit another organisation in the network to learn a new skill, improve their expertise or develop their knowledge of the offshore renewable energy (ORE) industry. The ORE industry is growing at a rapid pace, and experienced personnel are in high demand. The MaRINET2 personnel exchange programme aims to train people to meet the demands of the sector by facilitating learning and the active sharing of knowledge and expertise. The programme is designed so that the exchangee, the destination infrastructure and the home infrastructure can benefit from the exchange

Eligability Criteria

Anyone from one of the partnering organisations may apply for the personnel exchange. The activities undertaken during the placement must have some relevance to the themes of MaRINET2. For example, placements could take the form of the following:

  • Training in various forms of testing (tank/field/electrical);
  • Allowing non-WP4 participants to participate in / observe the round robin testing;
  • Allowing other infrastructures to participate in / observe user access in other facilities (with the express agreement of the user group);
  • Learning how to manage EU funded projects;
  • Marine mammal observation or Environmental Impact Assessments at an offshore testing facility;
  • Numerical modelling and its application to a device design process.

There will be two calls for applications per year and all placements must be completed before the end of the MaRINET2 project. The date for the second application deadline is February 28th 2020. Successful applicants will receive a travel and subsistence allowance* to cover expenses for the duration of the exchange. Those wishing to apply should consult the following criteria to see if they are eligible:

  • The applicant must be employed by, or a PhD student in, one of the MaRINET2 partner organisations;
  • The recommended placement duration is 1 week;
  • Successful applicants must complete a report after the placement to highlight the skills learnt.

To Apply

To apply for the MaRINET2 personnel exchange programme please complete the application form and submit to before/on February 28th 2020.

*Maximum reimbursement available is €1000 and all expenses are required to meet the associated guidelines.