MaRINET2 Training Programme

What is it?


The MaRINET2 Training Programme is an instrument to raise awareness of and engage with industry and the community of up-and-coming researchers that will be the work force and sustain the future of the ocean renewable energy sector.

The training aims to develop specific technical skills in addition to the development of essential generic and transferable skills relevant for ORE to both academia and industry through the setting up and running of a short-course and webinar programme with a strong hands-on component.


Personnel exchange programme

The personnel exchange programme allows any relevant staff or PhD students of a MaRINET2 organisation to visit another organisation in the network to learn a new skill, improve their expertise or develop their knowledge of the offshore renewable energy (ORE) industry.



The short-courses will cover a wide range of topics strongly grounded on the consortium’s expertise in the scope of MaRINET2 infrastructures.


Transnational access application guidelines 

A simple guide to applying for MaRINET2 support.


Marinet2 Webinar – Troubleshoot your funding application

The Marinet2 project hosted a webinar on Friday 12 May at 11:00 CEST to help your funding application go as smoothly as possible.