Rules & Procedures

 Overview of the MaRINET2 Rules & Conditions

  • The User Group Leader and the majority of the Users (i.e. the team who visits the facility) must work outside the country of the MaRINET2 infrastructure.
  • The Access Provider (the MaRINET2 partner that is in charge of providing access to the chosen infrastructure) shall provide access free of charge to the selected user groups to the infrastructure managed by it, including all the logistical, technological and scientific support as well as specific training, that is normally provided to external researchers using the infrastructure.
  • The test setup will remain the property of the party that provided it, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Users shall abide by the normal working practices, working hours, and health and safety regulations of the Infrastructure while present on the site.
  • If necessary, the User can be required to attend a meeting(s) with the Access Provider prior to the access period to discuss planning and to help make the access project a success.
  • Before accessing the Infrastructure, the User may (at the discretion and following normal procedures of the Access Provider) be requested to sign a contract with the access provider outlining access terms to the Infrastructure, agreement to be bound by the provisions of the Grant Agreement, liabilities of the access provider and the User towards each other, rights with regards to Foreground (information and results generated under MaRINET2) and Background (information held prior to MaRINET2) and consequences of a breach of these obligations by the User.
  • The Access Provider shall ensure that the users enjoy, on a royalty-free basis, access rights to the Background of the Access Provider and to the foreground, if needed to carry out their own work under the project. The Access Provider shall inform, as soon as possible, the Users of any restriction which might substantially affect the granting of access rights.
  • The Access Provider shall ensure that the Users have the same rights and obligations in regard to confidentiality as referred to for the Access Provider in Article II.9 of the Grant Agreement.

Post-access Requirements

The User Group Leader has certain Post-Access obligations imposed by MaRINET2.  The Post-Access obligations (see below) can be completed via the applicant’s secure Application Workspace on the MaRINET2 website. These obligations should be fulfilled by the User Group Leader no longer than 45 days after access at the Infrastructure has concluded:

  1. The User Group Leader must provide certain User-Project details. These details are provided to the EC, recording the visit to the Infrastructure, User Group member details, details of the project objectives and achievements etc.
  2. The User Group Leader must upload a project report. The report template is available in the Post-Access area of the Application Workspace.  The purpose of the report is to highlight the scientific output of the access received (taking into account confidentiality arrangements as explained in the Rules).  This Report (or the executive summary) may be published on the MaRINET2 website and will be made available to the EC.
  3. The User Group Leader must upload a short summary highlighting the scientific output of the access received, preferably with one/two images, for use on the MaRINET2 website.
  4. The User Group Leader must complete an EC user questionnaire to measure user satisfaction – the link to this questionnaire is available in the Post-Access area of the Application Workspace. Users will be expected to attend one of the two User Workshops to present their experience and research results (subject to the User’s IP restrictions) in order to encourage further networking and scientific collaboration, acknowledge the support of the EC and publicise their devices/concepts if desired. The outcomes presented at these Workshops will be disseminated via the MaRINET2 website and further publication will be encouraged.  Travel and subsistence of Users attending these meetings will be reimbursed on the basis outlined in the Rules.
  5. Any publications or dissemination resulting from the MaRINET2 Transnational Access project must be reported to MaRINET2. Acknowledgement of the MaRINET2 grant should be mentioned in such publications.

Travel & Subsistence Refund

MaRINET2 provides a contribution of €1000 per User Group per week towards the travel and subsistence expenses of Users.  Expenses should be reimbursed according to the limits, normal rules and procedures of the Access Provider. A travel and subsistence contribution will also be available to Users who attend a User Workshop with the prior written agreement of the Infrastructure. Receipts must be attached to claims, which will be made on the Access Provider’s standard travel claim forms. Claims will be reimbursed in Euro (€) or the local currency of the Infrastructure. Claims will only be reimbursed following the completion of the Post-Access requirements via the MaRINET2 website.